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Heart of a Dragon Chapters 4-10 (LAST RELEASE)

Group’s now defunct! I don’t have the time, nor do I have the enthusiasm anymore. Sorry, I guess? I’ll be disabling comments and the “Contact Me”, as from now on, I’m 100% out.

Download Chapters 4-10

Read Heart of a Dragon Online

Wangpai Yushi Chapter 53


Read Online

Wangpai Yushi Chapter 52


Read Online

Wangpai Yushi Chapter 51 & Heart of a Dragon Chapters 2 + 3

Wangpai Yushi Ch51: Download   Read Online

Heart of a Dragon Ch2: Download   Read Online
Heart of a Dragon Ch3: Download   Read Online

Heart of a Dragon Prologue + Chapter 1

New series that Jay and I are working on now that Santa’s complete. That other series we released a chapter of will never be done since it’s from Lezhin, and they do their own translations now, similar to Naver. I refuse to release from a site that does their own stuff. I kinda don’t maintain this site anymore, so I probably won’t make a page for a while, if at all. Also, I’ll include the chapters of Yaoguai below, since I never actually posted them here.

Heart of a Dragon:
Prologue: Download   Read Online
Chapter 1: Download   Read Online

Yaoguai Mingdan Chapters 61-65 Download

Santa Chapters 62-63.6 [Complete]

K, we done with Santa. I enjoyed it. All thanks go to Jay for getting us through it, though.

Chapter 62:  Download   Read Online
Chapter 63: Download   Read Online
Chapter 63.5 (Afterword): Download   Read Online

Santa Chapter 61


Read Online

Santa Ch60


Read Online

Wangpai Yushi Chapter 50

As usual, if Mediafire refuses to work, I upload to Google Drive. So here’s a Drive link.


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